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©Animals Count The issue of whether animal experiments are sufficiently predictive of human outcomes to be of real benefit to human health has become extremely politicised over the past decade.

It seems that the government would rather distract the public with exaggerated claims about the violence of the animal protection movement, than subject these experiments to genuine scrutiny and public debate about their merits or lack thereof.

Contrary to the idealised picture presented by their proponents, the scientific validity of animal experiments has been questioned by many scientists, doctors and other experts, and is the subject of ongoing and widespread public concern.

Several recently published scientific reviews of groups of hundreds of experiments at a time have established that animal experiments are often poorly predictive of human outcomes, and of very little value in advancing human health.

Despite this, around three million animals continue to be experimented on annually in the UK, and these figures are rising.

Many animals suffer and die during these experiments. What happened to the Royal Commission on animal experiments promised by Labour in 1997?

Labour has broken its promise and seems to get away with it. It's time for action! Several initiatives have been undertaken in support of an independent scientific inquiry into the efficacy of animal experiments, including several parliamentary Early Day Motions.

As many as 250 MPs have recently signed up to one such EDM (EDM 92).

The Dr Hadwen Trust for Humane Research, supported by animal and consumer protection groups across Europe, has launched a major EU-wide petition urging EU legislators to do everything they can to maximise non-animal replacement efforts.

Please sign the petition BEFORE 21st DECEMBER 2007 - it is vital that we can demonstrate that EU citizens are united in wanting to replace animal experiments in Europe. Replacements have the potential to save millions of laboratory animals and improve the quality of research and testing.

We aim to collect thousands of signatures and pledge to take your message direct to Brussels at a key stage in the legislative process. Please help by clicking on the link below and ask your friends and family to do the same!

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