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Hare coursing continues despite ban

Hare caught and killed by dogs in a coursing eventRecent media reports show that despite having been banned by the Hunting Act in 2004, the cruel blood sport of hare coursing continues in many parts of the country. The coursers invade private land intimidating farmers, often leaving them feeling helpless in the face of threats and even criminal damage. This brutal "sport" has lead to a decrease in the brown hare population in some areas. Animals Count calls for tougher law enforcement.

31 October 2009 READ MORE

Domestic extremists: anyone who sticks his/her head above the parapet

Protest in OxfordThe Guardian reported that the police is gathering information on 'domestic extremists', in short, anyone who speaks out against 'inconvenient truths'. We are probably on the police's radar too, as are many groups and individuals who campaign against animal cruelty. That we explicitly operate legally and peacefully is not relevant - any animal rights campaigns are branded as potential threats. Animals Count Deputy Leader, Richard Deboo, published a letter in the Guardian today.

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Stern message to the public: go vegetarian and be green

impact of livestock farming on climate changeIn an interview with The Times, Lord Stern called for people to go vegetarian in order to halt climate change. Meat production is very inefficient and is responsible for at least 18% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Animals Count welcomes his remarks, and believes that the December Copenhagen Climate Change Conference must include recommendations to curb the livestock industry in order to achieve the desired reduction in CO2 targets.

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Animals Count to contest 2010 General Elections

Jasmijn de Boo and Richard DebooAnimals Count will contest the 2010 General Elections. This was decided at the third party conference on 19 September. The National Officers were also elected. The conference was closed with a delicious 3-course meal and an auction, which raised much-needed funds for the 2010 elections.

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Meat the Truth DVD available from Animals Count

Meat the Truth DVD coverThe award-winning Meat the Truth documentary, produced by the Nicolaas G. Pierson Foundation (the scientific bureau of the Dutch political Party for the Animals) is about the inconvenient truth that Al Gore didn't mention; that the livestock sector is responsible for 18% of global warming gases. Reduction in meat consumption is therefore the most important measure to combat global warming.

The English version of the DVD is now available from Animals Count.

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Letter to the Editor re: 'domestic extremists' by Richard J Deboo

29 October 2009

Interview with Jasmijn de Boo on podcast The Big Cigarette

11 June 2009

Guardian: What are the chances for Animals Count?

4 June 2009

Party promises voice for animals

Voters in the European Parliament election have the chance to give a voice to the voiceless, the Animals Count party has said.

2 June 2009

European elections

THE European elections are being run on the same day as the county councils hold their elections.

31 May 2009

Don't miss chance to have your say on Europe

Do you think animals should have more of a voice in the European Parliament?

29 May 2009

LOUGHTON: New animal-friendly party launchs from district

A NEW animal-friendly party fighting in the European elections for the first time is to launch its manifesto from the Epping Forest District.

22 May 2009

Free veterinary consults - Animals Count launches EU election manifesto

Animals Count, which describes itself as a political party for people and animals, will launch its EU election manifesto on 24 th May from 12 noon at the Kings Oak, Loughton, where it will be putting into practice one of its proposed policies: subsidised basic and emergency animal health care for animals.

21 May 2009

Candidates fighting for Euro-seats

FOURTEEN political parties and one independent candidate are fighting for seats in the European Parliament in next month's elections to represent the East of England.

20 May 2009

Nominations put forward for EU elections

Animals Count is first listed on the Eastern region list and first mentioned after the 'big' parties in this article. Clearly we have a new story to tell, unlike most other political parties.

8 May 2009

No pan-European party for animals

Dutch Party for the Animals EU candidate Natasja OerlemansA Dutch online newspaper reports that although the Dutch Party for Animals may be able to win a seat in the 4th June EU elections, there will not be a pan-European party for animals. The article describes the electoral hurdles in other countries where such parties exist, preventing them from being successful in the EU elections. The article mentions that Animals Count has raised sufficient funds to contest one region in the EU elections.

23 February 2009

Animals Count raise 5,000 to enter the European Parliament elections on 4th June

sponsored walk participantsOn Sunday 8th February 14 people joined a sponsored walk in sunny London, raising over 500! Added to previous donations, we have now secured the deposit to contest the European Parliament elections on 4th June. If you would like to help with the electoral campaign, please contact us.

9 February 2009

Animals Count supporter argues Hunting ban is not working

Build On The Ban; Strengthen The ActFour years after the Hunting Act came into force, Rob Whitehall published a letter on behalf of Animals Count in the Independent (scroll down halfway), illustrating that the current Hunting Act is not working.

13 January 2009

Birmingham Mail mentions Animals Count Party Conference

The Birmingham Mail newspaper covered the Animals Count Party Conference which we held on the 4th of October. See here for the article.

9 October, 2008

Animals Count featured in two veterinary journals

Jasmijn de Boo and Andrew Knight; © J. BonnerJohn Bonner interviewed us for the Veterinary Review about the London elections, our policies, and in particular the importance of companion animal issues, and the role of veterinarians. The article is available here, published with permission of the Veterinary Review, June 2008, Issue 140, p.7. Another article featured in the Veterinary Practice, Volume 40, Number 5, p. 26

30 June, 2008

The Vegan reports on the Animal Welfare Act and quotes Jasmijn de Boo

The Vegan; © The Vegan SocietyClaire Barnes of The Vegan Society reviewed the effectiveness of the Animal Welfare Act, and asked whether this piece of legislation would mean an end to animal cruelty in the UK. She spoke to Jasmijn de Boo, who was skeptical about enforcement. Jasmijn said it is ludicrous that animal protection organisations seem to be mostly responsible for bringing cases to court. Government funding should be used instead to enforce the Act.

June, 2008

Interview with Jasmijn de Boo in Southwark News

Jasmijn de Boo; © Animals CountOn 28 April an interview with Animals Count leader, Jasmijn de Boo, was published in Southwark News. Articles have also appeared in the South London Press and the Streatham Guardian.

29 April, 2008

Animals Count in two Lifescape articles

LifescapeThe latest issue of Lifescape includes an interview with Jasmijn de Boo about the environmental impact of dairy (and the livestock sector) and a 3 page spread by veterinarian and Animals Count President, Dr. Andrew Knight, about meat-based versus vegan companion animal diets. Andrew also wrote another Lifescape article about responsible pet care.

Dowload copies of the articles here:

25 April, 2008

Animals party eyes City Hall seat (BBC News online)

While others focus on crime and transport, Jasmijn de Boo aims to be the first London Assembly member elected on an animal rights ticket.

Ms de Boo thinks she can attract votes from across the political spectrum, as well as enthusing those who are fed up with mainstream parties.

Animals Count calls for an NHS-style animal healthcare system and more "green corridors" for wildlife.

She is one of 10 people in the running for the Southwark and Lambeth seat.

Ms de Boo, 32, is the first person to stand in a UK election for the Animals Count party and hopes to pick up votes from disillusioned animal lovers.

11 April, 2008 READ MORE

The Independent article'Shooting season opens on Labour's huntsman'

© J. de Boo On 10 September The Independent published an article based on our press release, which can be found here.

Letter published in The Independent (14/09) 'Labour big guns under fire'

Sir: I thank Henry Deedes (Pandora, 10 September) for highlighting the fact that Martin Salter MP has seen fit to become a patron for a body which supports the shooting of animals for sport, a move which has been rightly attacked by Animals Count (who are not a "colourful outfit" but a serious and moderate political party with several seats in the Dutch parliament and now gaining a presence in the UK).

They echo the feeling of the vast majority of people in the UK, which is one of revulsion that any human being can gain pleasure in inflicting pain on living creatures. All political parties will soon have to wake up to the fact that their records on animal welfare are a key factor for many people when deciding for whom to vote at elections, partly because the key mainstream policies of the major parties have become quite similar, so people look to other deciding factors.

Peter Collins
London EC4

10 September, 2007 READ MORE

Media articles

© Animals CountOver the past couple of months Animals Count featured in the following newspapers and magazines:

  • The Veterinary Times (article reproduced with the permission of Veterinary Times. Article from Veterinary Times Vol. 37 Issue No. 15)
  • The Daily Mirror (April 23, 2007, p.8)
  • Planet - The Welsh Internationalist (issue 182)
  • Viva! Life (issue 34, spring/summer 2007)
  • Outrage(issue 146, spring 2007)
  • The Vegan (spring 2007)

Animals Count appears in 'Animals' Voice'

©NZ SPCA The New Zealand SPCA was impressed with the political victory of the Dutch Party for the Animals and the launch of Animals Count that followed in December.

Read the article in their Autumn 2007 magazine 'Animals' Voice' here.

Media coverage of the 3rd December 2006 launch of Animals Count

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