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London Elections manifesto "In London Animals Count too"

Elections team © Animals CountWith over eight million inhabitants, London is one of the largest cities in Western Europe, and has the largest population of companion animals within the UK.

Over 3.5 million animals in London households are virtually part of the family, yet many animal guardians struggle with the costs of veterinary care.
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Why animals count

© Animals CountMillions of animals are exploited every day for food, consumer products, so-called 'sports' or other forms of entertainment, as models for human disease, or are simply neglected.

Issues of concern include intensive farming, animal use in research and testing, inadequate companion animal care and ongoing pressures on wildlife.

The need for a political party for the animals

With power comes responsibility, and as members of the most powerful species it is our duty to minimise the suffering of animals in our care or affected by our actions.

Yet animals are not adequately protected by any existing political party. Instead, they focus on other social issues, and animal issues are rarely taken seriously.

However, many voters share their lives with companion animals, and most do care about animals. Broad concern for animals is a mainstream priority, which is poorly reflected in the policies of most political parties.

Do you want real improvements for animals? Are you disappointed in the current political system? It's time to change!

The UK has a reputation for being the world's leading animal-loving nation. In the 2009 European Parliamentary elections Animals Count can make a difference for billions of animals. But we need your help!

Our vision

A world in which animals are not exploited and are seen and treated as sentient beings.

Our mission

To establish a voice for the animals through a dedicated political party that focuses on respect and compassion for all living beings.

Our aims

As the UK political party most strongly advocating for the protection of animals, the party’s aims are:

  • To raise the human perception of the moral status of animals by recognising animals as sentient beings.
  • To raise the legal status of animals to reflect their status as sentient beings, including protection in national and international law.
  • By promoting animal’s rights, to further respect for all life, whether of humans or animals.
  • To facilitate increased respect for all sentient life by promoting animal welfare education at all educational levels.
  • To protect the environment through sustainable farming and development activities.
  • To promote healthy living.

Farm Animals

  • To phase out farming systems with poor welfare consequences for animals.
  • To improve animal welfare by raising farming standards and by removing trade barriers and other measures that encourage poor welfare or husbandry standards.
  • To support new and old farming methods that enhance animal welfare or reduce use of or dependency on animals.
  • To phase out livestock farming subsidies in sectors where consumer demand is falling, and redirect such subsidies towards plant based agriculture and the promotion of biodiversity, and to the general areas of ‘environment’, ‘education’ and ‘public health’.
  • To end the long distance transportation of live animals to or from destinations within the UK of over 200 miles, European continental destinations and further afield.

Laboratory Animals

  • To immediately ban the harmful use of all non-human primates in experiments.
  • To ban all harmful use of animals in scientific research, toxicity testing and education.
  • To establish an independent transparent scientific inquiry to thoroughly review the ethical, scientific and economic implications of scientific research, toxicity testing and education.
  • To facilitate increased funding for the development, validation and implementation of non-animal alternatives.

Wild Animals

  • To ban all hunting.
  • To promote wildlife preservation, habitat conservation and biodiversity.

Companion Animals

  • To establish a basic national animal health care system comparable to the NHS, including state funding of animal rescue organisations such as the RSPCA and PDSA.
  • To establish a list of animals that can suitably be kept as companion animals based on their needs. All non-listed animals are unsuited as pets and should not be kept.
  • To ban breeding of companion animals to meet breed standards or for other purposes that result in hereditary anatomical, physiological or other impairments potentially contrary to animal welfare.
  • To strengthen legislation and regulations against animal neglect and abuse by strengthening police powers, increasing penalties for offenders, and increasing public educational programmes concerning responsible companion animal care and related topics.

Animals used for entertainment, fashion and art

  • To phase out the harmful use of animals for blood sports, racing events, any other form of entertainment or cultural event.
  • To ban the exploitation of animals for advertising, fashion and art.

You can help Animals Count

This exciting initiative needs support and you can help! Will you join us?

  • Inform friends and family and ask them to join
  • Become an active member at local or national level
  • Publicise animal issues and Animals Count in letters to the editor
  • Proudly model our trendy T-shirts in public places!

Contact us for more details and ways to support the Party:

  • Jasmijn, Leader: infoatanimalscount.org (replace at with @)
  • Postal address: Animals Count, PO BOX 51250, London SE11 4UN

Contact us for more details or go to Join Animals Count for ways to support or sponsor the Party.

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